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Hip Hop Fractions

Dance > Math


Dance along with artist Lou and dance different fractional amounts of a hip hop combination. Watch and learn the choreography in Louise’s video Learn a Hip Hop Combo to prepare for this activity.


  • A moderate amount of personal space.

Activity Notes

  • Students will review a series of hip hop moves on a numbered count, then will be invited to think and move through how to represent different fractional amounts of this choreography.
  • If the complete dance is 32 counts,
    How would you dance 1/2 of it?
    How would you dance 3/4 of it?
    How would you dance 1/4 of it?
  • Can you think of other fractions you could dance with this choreography?
  • How could you extend this choreography to 36 counts?
  • What other kinds of fractions can you create with your extended dance?