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Inner Critic Part 2 – Identifying Coping Mechanisms through Comic Strip

Visual Arts


In connection with the story Small Things by Mel Tregonning, we will create a comic strip to address what we can do when our inner critic begins to creep up on us.


  • Paper.
  • Coloured pencils.
  • Markers.
  • Handout.

Activity Notes

  • Fold paper to create a 6-panel sequence. The handout describes what content to draw in each individual frame.
  • Reflect in our journal:
    ○ Was it difficult or easy to think of ways I can address my Inner Critic?
    ○ Are these techniques I can use in my everyday life?

Artist Notes

  • Comic Strip Tips:
    ○ Create panels that are separated by a short amount of space referred to as the gutter.
    ○ Keep it simple. (This helps to get the message and storyline across effectively.)
    ○ Start drawing with pencil — add marker/colour materials following initial design.
    ○ Comics may include word/thought bubbles — consider the font and how that can influence the tone of the characters in the comic strip.
    ○ You will also need to leave space while creating images to insert word bubbles or to let your characters breathe! Notice how space can also offer us more insight as to what is going on in the story (Are main characters close? Is there distance between them? Etc.)

Book Recommendation

Small Things by Mel Tregonning