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Writing About Emotions (Literary Devices)

Mindfulness, Embodiment, and Drama > Language



In this lesson, students learn to identify and describe a variety of emotions.


  • Pen/pencil and paper or electronic device.
  • Handout provided with numerous drawings of emotions.

Activity Notes

  • Using the handout provided, identify one emotion you want to explore more fully.
  • Write a descriptive paragraph about this emotion using your five senses, similes (comparison using “like” or “as”), or metaphors (comparisons without “like” or “as”) How does this emotion look? What does this emotion sound like? How does this emotion smell? What does this emotion taste like? How does this emotion feel (texture)?

Artist Notes

  • Do this exercise for a second emotion (maybe the opposite of the emotion you chose). Which is easier to write about, a positive emotion or a negative one?