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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer programming in French?

Currently we do not have francophone artists on the roster. However, we are expanding our artist team and will be reaching out to artist educator candidates who could deliver the program in French.

We do offer bilingual programming for French immersion classes, where the artist leads the activities and the classroom teacher facilitates the program in French. This creates dynamic artist-teacher partnerships and has worked with success.

What is involved in the program cost?

Our flagship program offers artist-teacher planning, a series of classroom artist visits and a follow-up written lesson plan for future use. We have had great interest from teachers in increasing the number of artist visits over a term or through the year. We’re looking at our options!

Do you offer programming in School Boards other than the GECDSB?

Yes, we are available to bring this impactful work to all interested Boards and private schools.

Arts Can Teach is an independent small business, whose group of skilled artists has been hugely supported by the GECDSB since 1999. Over the years our artists have also been engaged by the Windsor-Essex Catholic District School Board, and in Sarnia-Lambton and Chatham-Kent regions.

What about the Arts for Arts’ Sake?

When it comes to providing the Arts for students, we believe that More is More! Our team are all practising artists in their own right, dedicated to performing, teaching and continually developing their own arts practice. They weave in high-calibre arts instruction in their in-class visits.

Johns Hopkins Education researcher Dr. Hardiman (See Findings, NY Times) suggests that students benefit from a “three-legged stool” approach: arts education (dedicated arts instruction), access to arts and cultural opportunities and arts integration to help teach other school subjects. Having an artist educator in the classroom helps enrich and support – but doesn’t replace – these important aspects in learning.