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Our Teachers

We are grateful to the hundreds of teachers and students who help us learn and grow, and inspire us to do our best to ignite creativity and possibility in learning.

What Our Teachers Are Saying

“Thank you for bringing ‘real’ professional artists to the classroom.”

“I haven’t seen my students this engaged in a long time.”

“I loved the lessons and definitely plan on using them again when I teach the concepts in math and our dance program. Students were engaged and were sad when Arts Can Teach was over.”

“This valuable program is greatly appreciated by the teachers and students.”

“The children expressed that the artist’s lessons made hard concepts easy!”

“The students love participating in these interesting, engaging lessons. I will definitely use the written lesson plans for my future students. As a teacher, I am not totally comfortable teaching dance, so the whole experience is wonderful for myself.”

“The lesson was really able to catch many curricular areas.”

“All the sessions were inclusive and had all students engaged 100% of the time.”

“I now have many good ideas that I can use with future students. What a worthwhile learning opportunity for both teachers and students.”

“Great experience and I can’t wait to participate next year!”