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Support from Education Leaders

The sign of a holistic and healthy community is the presence of the arts. Music, dance, drama, and visual arts provide a plethora of learning opportunities and joy to students throughout our district. Arts Can Teach is a valued partner in leveraging creativity, critical thinking and expressive communication for all learners. It is a privilege to work with a community partner that exemplifies integrity, professionalism and commitment to the arts and learning!

—Dr. Clara Howitt, Superintendent of Program and Professional Learning
Greater Essex County District School Board

Arts Can Teach is a wonderful program that allows children who would not otherwise be able to have access to artistic experiences, due to poverty or lack of access to programs, to experience the joy of creativity in music, visual arts, dance or puppetry.

—Anne Adamson, Principal
General Brock Public School, Windsor

It has been an absolute pleasure to have local artist Teajai Travis use his hand drum talent to help students focus on Spoken Word with our deserving students at F.W. Begley School. Bringing Artists to students allows students see themselves reflected in the artist while they are making greater connections to the curriculum. Arts Can Teach is a beautiful way of making the curriculum come to life and bring joy to our students.

—Angela Miloyevich, Principal
F.W. Begley Public School, Windsor

Windsor is lucky indeed to have this amazing team available to support their teachers and students. Their unique expertise to utilize their particular art forms to communicate core curriculum concepts to students of all abilities coupled with their passion and belief that all children should find learning not only accessible, but fun make them indispensable to classroom teachers.

—Patricia Valenteyn, Managing Director
Coalition for Music Education Canada

There is a common myth that mathematics is just a bunch of rules, steps, and procedures that one must memorize blindly which has led to my pursuit to debunk that misguided belief. Mathematics is a beautiful, vibrant, and creative endeavour with such interesting structure waiting to be illuminated through the lens of the arts.

—Kyle Pearce, K-12 Mathematics Consultant

Art is universal, as it is a venue for students to express themselves without words. Through the arts, students can develop language skills while performing or drawing. Students retain language more easily when they learn vocabulary at the same time they are carrying out an associated action (kinesthetic learning). In drama and music, repetition through practice also supports students in learning language skills. Through active participation, the arts help students build comprehensive literacy skills: listening, speaking, reading, and writing.

—Jan Foy, ESL Teacher Consultant