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Using Mindful Meditation for Creativity and Calm

Mindfulness, Embodiment, and Drama > Health and Wellness


In this lesson, students will focus on breathing and relaxing their body. This is a useful tool for creativity, calm and focus. Meditation and visualization can also be used in drama to assist in establishing character in time and space.


  • A quiet, calm space.

Activity Notes

  • Ensure you are comfortable.
  • How might you use mindful meditation? You can use this meditation to prepare for a performance, to visualize for theatre or embody your characters for storytelling. Other ideas? How might this activity be helpful at home?
  • What are the benefits of mindful meditation? Being present, visualizing the time and space of a future performance… what else can you think of? Are there benefits to practicing mindful meditation in day to day life as well as creativity?

Artist Notes

  • Mindfulness meditation takes time and gentle practice, offering lots of benefits for creativity and calm.